52-A. American-Style Pilsener

American Pilseners are straw to gold. Appearance should be clear. Chill haze is not acceptable. Beers in this style follows American-style lagers typical of pre-Prohibition era. Fruity esters are not acceptable. Hop aroma and flavor are medium to high, exhibiting attributes typical of noble-type hops. Hop bitterness is medium to high. Malt aroma and flavor are medium-low to medium. Up to 25% corn and/or rice in the grist should be used. DMS and diacetyl should not be present. Body is medium-ligh to medium.

Original Gravity (°Plato) : 1.045-1.060 (11.2-14.7 °Plato)
Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (°Plato) : 1.012-1.018 (3.1-4.6 °Plato)
Alcohol by Weight (Volume) : 3.9%-4.7% (4.9%-5.9%)
Bitterness (IBU) : 25-40
Color SRM (EBC) : 3-6 (6-12 EBC)

52-A. アメリカンスタイル・ピルスナー


初期比重 (プラート度) : 1.045-1.060 (11.2-14.7)
最終比重 (プラート度) : 1.012-1.018 (3.1-4.6)
アルコール度数 : 4.9-5.9% ABV
ビタネス・ユニット : 25-40 IBU
色度数 : 3-6 SRM (6-12 EBC)
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