4. Fruit Wheat Beer

Fruit Wheat Beers are generally straw to light amber, often influenced by the color of added fruit to some degree. Chill haze is acceptable. These beers may be served with or without yeast. When served with yeast, appearance is hazy to very cloudy. Fruit or fruit extracts contribute aroma and flavor expressing true fruit complexity. Fruity esters are low. Hop aroma, flavor and bitterness are low to medium. Malt aroma and flavor are low to medium-low. These beers can be fermented with traditional German, British, or American ale or lager yeast depending on the underlying wheat beer style. Grist includes at least 30 percent malted wheat. Diacetyl should not be present. In versions served with yeast, yeasty aroma and flavor should be low to medium. Versions served with yeast should demonstrate a full yeasty mouthfeel. Body is light to medium. Fruited examples of wheat beer styles that are not commonly brewed with fruit and do not exhibit attributes of wood aging should be categorized as Fruit Wheat Beers. These could include fruited versions of various wheat beer styles of European origin such as Weizens, Adambier or Grodziskie. Fruited wheat beers that exhibit sourness fall within various fruited sour beer styles. Such beers could deviate from parameters shown for those styles but should be suggestive of the underlying classic beer style with fruit added. Fruited versions of Berliner Weisse or Contemporary Gose fall within those categories. Fruit Wheat Beers brewed with yuzu (a species of Japanese citrus fruit) should be categorized as Yuzu Beer. Coconut is defined as a vegetable, and wheat beers containing coconut characters should be categorized as Field Beer.To allow for accurate judging the brewer must provide additional information about the entry including the wheat beer style of underlying base beer, fruit(s) used, the timing or vessel added fruits (mash tun, kettle, fermenter, bright tank, etc.), and any other ingredients than wheat malt and processes if used. During registration brewers may specify pouring instructions, choosing normal pouring, quiet pouring or intentional rousing of yeast. Entries will be presented during judging as specified by entering brewer. When the base beer does not conform to any existing style in this guideline, brewer may indicate "out of existing style". Beer entries not accompanied by this information will be at a disadvantage during judging.

  • Original Gravity (°Plato) : 1.030-1.110 (7.6-26.2 °Plato)
  • Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (°Plato) : 1.006-1.030 (1.6-7.6 °Plato)
  • Alcohol by Weight (Volume) : 2.0%-9.5% (2.5%-11.9%)
  • Bitterness (IBU) : 10-35
  • Color SRM (EBC) : 2-10(4-20 EBC), or color of fruit



  • 初期比重 (プラート度):1.030-1.110 (7.6-26.2)
  • 最終比重 (プラート度):1.006-1.030 (1.6-7.6)
  • アルコール度数 :2.5-11.9% ABV
  • ビタネス・ユニット:10-35 IBU
  • 色度数:2-10 SRM (4-20 EBC) または使用したフルーツの色