15. Session Beer

Session Beers are the color of the classic beer style being made to lower strength. Appearance may vary from brilliant to hazy to cloudy with style of beer being made to lower strength. Aroma depends on the style of beer being made to lower strength. Any style of beer can be made lower in strength than described in the classic style guidelines. The goal should be to reach a balance between the style's character and the lower alcohol content. Drinkability is a character in the overall balance of these beers. Beers in this style must not exceed 4.0% alcohol by weight (5.0% alcohol by volume). Beers above these limits that are entered into this style may be disqualified before judging or after results are announced. Body is variable with style. For purposes of competition, entries containing less than 4.1% abw (5.1% abv) which could be appropriately entered in any other classic or traditional style should be entered in that style and not entered as a Session Beer. Session IPAs should be entered in the Session India Pale Ale style.
To allow for accurate judging the brewer must absolutely identify the base style by name or style number that is being created lower in alcohol and/or appropriately identify the style created (for example: half-alt, singlefest or baby bock). Beer entries not accompanied by this information will be profoundly disadvantaged during judging.

Original Gravity (°Plato) : 1.034-1.040 (8.5-10.0 °Plato)
Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (°Plato) : 1.004-1.010 (1.0-2.6 °Plato)
Alcohol by Weight (Volume) : 2.8%-4.0% (3.5%-5.0%)
Bitterness (IBU) : 10-35
Color SRM (EBC) : 2+ (4+ EBC)

15. セッション・ビール


初期比重 (プラート度) : 1.034-1.040 (8.5-10.0 °Plato)
最終比重 (プラート度) : 1.004-1.010 (1.0-2.6 °Plato)
アルコール度数 : 3.5%-5.0%
ビタネス・ユニット : 10-35
色度数 : 2+ (4+ EBC)
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