13-A. Rye Beer

Rye Beers are often versions of classic styles that contain noticeable rye character in balance with other qualities of the beer. As such they include a wide range of color. Lighter versions are straw to copper, while darker versions are dark amber to dark brown. Chill haze is acceptable in these versions packaged and served without yeast. In versions served with yeast, appearance may range from hazy to very cloudy. Low spicy, fruity-estery aromas are typical. Phenolic, clove-like aromas should not be perceived. In darker versions malt aromas and flavors can optionally include low roasted malt characters evident as cocoa/chocolate or caramel, and/or aromatic toffee-like, caramel, or biscuit-like characters. Hop aroma and flavor are low to medium-high. Hop bitterness is low to medium. Low level roast malt astringency acceptable when balanced with low to medium malt sweetness. A low level of tannin derived astringency may be perceived. These beers can be made using either ale or lager yeast. Grist should include sufficient rye such that rye character is evident in the beer. Beers brewed with rye but which do not exhibit rye character would be more appropriately considered as other beer styles. Diacetyl should not be perceived. Body is low to medium. In versions packaged and served without yeast, no yeast characters should be evident in mouthfeel. Versions served with yeast should portray a full yeasty mouthfeel.
To allow for accurate judging the brewer must provide information about the entry that indicates a rye version of a classic ale, lager or experimental style (e.g. rye pale ale, rye porter, etc.) or other hybrid rye beer style. Beer entries not accompanied by this information will be at a disadvantage during judging.

Original Gravity (°Plato) : Varies with style
Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (°Plato) : Varies with style
Alcohol by Weight (Volume) : Varies with style
Bitterness (IBU) : Varies with style
Color SRM (EBC) : Varies with style

13-A. ライビール


初期比重 (プラート度) : ベースにしたビアスタイルに基づく
最終比重 (プラート度) : ベースにしたビアスタイルに基づく
アルコール度数 : ベースにしたビアスタイルに基づく
ビタネス・ユニット : ベースにしたビアスタイルに基づく
色度数 : ベースにしたビアスタイルに基づく
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