7. Field Beer

Field Beers are any range of color from pale to very dark depending on the underlying style, and may take on the color of added ingredients. Clear or hazy beer is acceptable in appearance. Vegetable aromas ranging from subtle to intense should be evident, and should not be overpowered by hop aromas. Field Beers are any beers using vegetables as flavor or carbohydrate adjuncts in either the mash, kettle, primary or secondary fermentation, providing obvious (ranging from subtle to intense), yet harmonious, qualities. Malt sweetness can vary from very low to medium-high levels. Hop bitterness is very low to medium-high. Body is variable with style. Classifying these beers is complex, with exemplary versions depending on the exhibition of vegetable characters more so than the addition of vegetable itself. All beers containing chili peppers should be entered as Chili Beer. Most beers with nuts would be appropriately entered as Field Beer rather than as Specialty Beer. For purposes of competition, coconut is defined as a vegetable, and beers containing coconut would be appropriately entered as Field Beer.
To allow for accurate judging the brewer must list the vegetables used along with the classic ale, lager or experimental style of base beer, and any other ingredients or processes used. Beer entries not accompanied by this information will be at a disadvantage during judging.

Original Gravity (°Plato) : 1.030-1.110 (7.6-25.9 °Plato)
Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (°Plato) : 1.006-1.030 (1.5-7.6 °Plato)
Alcohol by Weight (Volume) : 2.0%-10.5% (2.5%-13.3%)
Bitterness (IBU) : 5-70
Color SRM (EBC) : 5-50 (10-100 EBC)

7. フィールドビール


初期比重 (プラート度) : 1.030-1.110 (7.6-25.9 °Plato)
最終比重 (プラート度) : 1.006-1.030 (1.5-7.6 °Plato)
アルコール度数 : 2.5%-13.3%
ビタネス・ユニット : 5-70
色度数 : 5-50 (10-100 EBC)
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